Integration of art and science in project development.

RedSquare Creative Association combines creativity with scientific and research methodologies to produce projects that are not only visually appealing, but also resonate deeply with audiences.

Research and surveys

Trend research analyzing current trends in the industry

Audience preferences identifying audience needs and interests

Creative concepts development of creative ideas and concepts

Concept tests assessing audience response to a core idea

Competitive analysis studying successful cases in similar genres

Script development

Focus groups preferences for characters and intended storylines

Script writing creating a detailed script based on the concept

Script testing conducting surveys among the target audience

Prototyping and visualization

Visualization creating storyboards and animatics

Pre-shooting demonstration of draft versions of the project

Adaptation and improvement making changes based on testing

Production planning

Budgeting calculating production costs and budgeting for the project

Planning determining the resources required, including equipment, locations, staff

Timing creating a timeline for the project, including deadlines for key milestones


We unite talents in audiovisual arts.

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